Ninad Jadhav

CS Grad Student at Arizona State University

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I am a Computer Science PhD student at Arizona State University’s REACT lab where, under the guidance of Professor Stephanie Gil, I am exploring an application of data from different senors (laser, camera) extracted from robot platforms for addressing SLAM. I am also working on using the underlying communication network based on WiFi, as a sensing device with application in robotics. As part of this research I have had hands-on experience on framworks like, ROS and GTSAM, robotics platforms like TURTLEBOT3 and CREATE2 as well as Opti-Track Motive. I am also a freelance consulatant for SENSAGRATE where I advise the development team on system architecture and framework for building applications using data from Lidar and Camera. I was an intern at 10 Imaging Inc during summer 2018 where I developed an application that identifies symbols (language, mathematical) extracted from HD visual input.

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